The Best Place for Xerox, HP & Brother Printer Service and Repair in NJ

56 Ethel Road West #10
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 732-985-0100 Fax:732-985-0200

CMC is an Authorized Brother and Xerox Service & Repair Center located in Piscataway, NJ. CMC has been servicing HP, Brother and Xerox Laser Printers in central NJ since 1993. CMC has Xerox printer service technicians on staff to get your Xerox Printers repaired FAST.

We offer carry-in depot service which is the least expensive, depot service on Xerox printers shipped to CMC for repair, pickup service at many local locations, and local on-site service. Please call for prices for your particular requirements.

OnSite Service Repair & Service Contracts are also available for local central NJ locations in areas such as: Piscataway, Edison, Middlesex, New Brunswick, Bound Brook, Green Brook, South Plainfield, Plainfield, Highland Park, Metuchen, Dunellen, Annandale, Bonhamtown, Bridgewater, Clinton, Dunellen, East Brunswick, High Bridge, Highland Park, Iselin, Lamington, Lebanon, Manville, Mount Mt Bethel, North Brunswick, North Branch, Oldwick, Rutgers University, Somerset, Somerville, South Bound Brook, Warren, Warrenville, Watchung, WhiteHouse Station and other Local Central NJ locations.

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CMC is Authorized to Service and Repair the following Xerox Printers

Xerox Color Laser / Phaser / Solid Ink / ColorQube PRINTER Models
Xerox 8880 ColorQube Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8870 ColorQube Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8860 Solid Ink Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8580 ColorQube Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8570 ColorQube Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8560 Solid Ink Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8550 Solid Ink Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8500 Solid Ink Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8400 Solid Ink Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 8200 Solid Ink Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 7760 Color Laser Printers:
Xerox 7750 Color Laser PrinterS:
Xerox 7400 Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 7300 Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 6500 Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 6600 Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 6700 Color Phaser Printers:
Xerox 6350 Color Laser Printers:
Xerox 6300 Color Laser Printers:
Xerox 6360 Color Laser Printer:
Xerox 6250 Color Laser Printers:
Xerox 6200 Color Laser Printers:
Xerox 6280 Color Laser Printers:
Xerox 6180 Color Laser Printers:
Xerox Tektronix 2135 Color Laser Printers:

Xerox B&W Mono Laser / Phaser / DocuPrint PRINTER Models
Xerox 5500 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 5550 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 4510 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 3610 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 3600 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 5400 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 4500 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 4400 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 3500 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 3450 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox 3400 Mono Laser Printer
Xerox N2125 Mono Laser DocuPrint Printer

Xerox Color Laser / Phaser / Solid Ink / ColorQube / WorkCentre MULTIFUNCTION MFP Models
Xerox MFP 6505 Color Multifunction WorkCentre Printer
Xerox MFP 6605 Color Multifunction WorkCentre Printer
Xerox C2424 Solid Ink Color Multifunction WorkCentre Printer

Xerox B&W Mono Laser WorkCentre MULTIFUNCTION MPF Models
Xerox C20 M20 and M20I Workcentre Printers
Xerox PE120 Workcentre Printers
Xerox PE220 Workcentre Printers
Xerox M118 Workcentre Printers
Xerox 3210 Workcentre Printers
Xerox 3220 Workcentre Printers
Xerox 3315 Workcentre Printers
Xerox 3325 Workcentre Printers
Xerox 3550 Workcentre Printers
Xerox 3615 Workcentre Printers

Xerox OnSite service in NJ
$125 per hour, plus parts. One hour minimum per trip.
We offer Onsite Service to Piscataway, Middlesex, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, South Plainfield, Edison, Highland Park, Bound Brook, South Bound Brook, Dunellen, Metuchen, Somerset and surrounding areas. Service Contracts are also available for locations with a minimum of 10 printers.

Carry In Service:
CMC offers local carry in HP & Xerox Printer depot service and repair in central New Jersey at our Piscataway Location which can you can bring in your printer for repair from close surrounding NJ areas such as Middlesex, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, South Plainfield, Edison, Highland Park, Bound Brook, Society Hill, South Bound Brook, Dunellen, Metuchen, Somerset, Annandale, Arbor, Avenel, Bernards Township, Berkeley Heights, Bonhamtown, Bridgewater, Burnt Mills, Busch Campus, Camp Kilmer, Cedar Heights, Clara Barton, Clark, Clinton, Clyde, Colonia, Cook, Cranford, Douglas College, Dayton, East Brunswick, East Millstone, East Stelton, Ethel, Far Hills, Fellowship Farm, Fieldville, Finderne, Flagtown, Finderne, Fords, Forsgate, Franklin Park, Green Brook, GreenBrook, Greensand, Green Knoll, High Bridge, Highlands Heights, Iselin, Kendall Park, Lake Nelson, Lamington, Lawrence Brook Manor, Lebanon, Lincoln Park, Lindenau, Livingston, Manville, Martins Landing, Martinsville, Menlo Park, Middlebrook Heights, Middlebush, Mount Mt Bethel, Mountainside, Milltown, Monroe, New Durham, New Providence, Newton Heights, Nixon, NJIT, North Branch, North Plainfield, North Stelton, North Branch, North Edison, Oaktree, Oldwick, Perth Amboy, Parlin, Pierce Heights, Plainfield, Pluckemin, Possumtown, Potterstown, Pottersville, Pumptown, Rahway, Randolphville, Raritan, Raritan Manor, Readingsburg, Riverview Manor, Robinvale, Rutgers University, RU, Scotch Plains, Sixmile Run, Somerville, South Amboy, South River, Springdale, Stelton, Stone Mill, Ukrainian Village, Valentine, Voorhees, Warren, Warrenville, Washington Heights, Washington Rock, Washington Park, Watchung, West Millington, Westfield, Whitehouse Station, Woodbridge, Zarephath,

Depot Carry-In & Drop Off Service Costs:
$50 quote fee for all on printer models. Once you agree to proceed with the repair at the quoted price, this fee is waived. If the cost of the repair is too excessive & you choose not to proceed with the repair, the $50 quote fee MUST be paid when you arrive to pickup your printer.

Carry-In & Drop Off Depot Service is much less expensive than On-Site service. Printers are tested for a much longer time period than with On-Site service and unlike On-Site service, you are not charged an hourly rate while the printer is running diagnostics, etc as the technicans are repairing and servicing other printers during that time. You will only pay the price of the repair parts and the service time to replace those parts that was pre-quoted to you.

Turn around time on repairs can vary. On simple repairs, 1 to 2 business days may be necessary depending on part availability, but we do stock many common repair parts for the common Xerox Printers.
Emergency repairs carry an extra cost, but can be preformed within 1 business day if parts are available & in stock.

We offer rental printers for a reasonable rate, so that you can Still Print, while you get your printer serviced. Rental Printers are subject to availability, so the rental model offered may not exactly match the printer model that you are getting serviced.

*All repairs include Cleaning, Lubrication and Calibration.

Warranty & Payment:
All repairs are covered by a 60 day warranty on Parts (that were replaced) and Labor (for replacing these parts).
We accept Standard Credit Cards (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discover), Company Checks and pre-approved Personal Checks for Payment
We accept Purchase orders from Government, Institutions, Schools/Universities and Pre-Approved Companies.

HP Service EmailEmail Local Central NJ Printer Service and Repair Inquiries:

CMC takes Visa/Mastercard Purchase Orders are also accepted from Government, University, School and Large Commercial Business Accounts

Local Maps and Directions to CMC, Piscataway, NJ - Xerox Printer Service and Repair available HERE

Full printer part numbers for printers that we service:

8570, 8570n, 8570dn, 8570dt, 8870, 8870dn, 8860, 8860dn, 8560, 8560n, 8560dn, 8560dt, 8560dx, 8550, 8550dp, 8550dt, 8550dx, 8500, 8500n, 8500dn, 8400, 8400b, 8400n, 8400dp, 8400dx, 8200, 8200b, 8200n, 8200dp, 8200dx, 7760, 7760dn, 7760gx, 7760dx, 7750, 7750dn, 7750gx, 7750dxf, 7400, 7400n, 7400dn, 7400dt, 7400dx, 7400xf, 7300, 7300b, 7300n, 7300dn, 7300dt, 7300dx, 6500, 6500n, 6500dn, 6600, 8880, 8880DN,8580, 8580N, 8580DN, 8580DT, 6600n, 6600dn, 6700, 6700n, 6700dn, 6700dt, 6700dx, 6360, 6360n, 6360dn, 6360dt, 6360dx, 6300n, 6300dn, 6350dp, 6350dt, 6350dx, 6350, 6280, 6280n, 6280dn, 6250, 6250b, 6250n, 6250dp, 6250dt, 6250dx, 6200, 6200b, 6200n, 6200dp, 6200dx, 6180, 6180n, 6180dn, C2424, 2424, C2424dn, C2424dp, C2424dx, 5550, 5550n, 5550dn, 5550dt, 4620, 4620dn, 4620dt, 4600, 4600n, 4600dn, 4600dt, 3610dn, 3610n, 3610, 5500, 5500b, 5500n, 5500dn, 5500dt, 5500dx, 5400, 5400n, 5400dt, 5400dx, 4510, 4510b, 4510n, 4510dt, 4510dx, 4500, 4500b, 4500n, 4500dt, 4500dx, 4400, 4400b, 4400n, 4400dt, 4400dx, 3600, 3610, 3610n, 3610dn, 3600b, 3600n, 3600dn, 3500, 3500dn, 3450, 3450b, 3450d, 3450dn, 3400, 3400b, 3400n, 2135, 2200, pe220, 120, pe120, 120i, pe120i, 220, pe220, 118, 118i, m118, m118i, c118, c118pl, m20, m20i, c20, n2125, 2125, 2125b, 2125n, 2125dt, 2125dx, n2125n, n2125dt, n2125b, n2125dt, n2125dx, n4525, 4525 4525n, 4525dx, 4525cn, 4525fn, n4525n, n4525dx, n4525cn, n4125fn, 3210, 3210n, 3220, 3220dn, 3315, 3315dn, 3325, 3325dn, 3550, 3615, 3615dn, mfp, wc, workcentre, workcenter, 6505, 6505n, 6605, 6605n, 6605dn, 3655, 3655s, 3655is, 3655x, 8700, 8700s, 8700x, 8700xf, 6655, 6655x, 6655/x, 4265, 4265s, 4265/s, 8900, 8900x, 8900/x, 6605, 6605n, 6605dn, 3615, 3615dn, m401, m401dn, 401dn, 4015, p4015, 4510, 4515, p4515, 4515, 4014, p4014, 4000, 4050, 4100, 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300, 5200, 5100, 5000, 9050, 9040, 9000, 8000, 8100, 8150, 3005, p3005, 400 pro, 451 pro, m451, 200 pro, 251 pro, 3000, 3505, cp3505, 3600, 3800, 4005, cp4005, 4600, 4650, 4700, 5550, 5500, m1536 mfp, 1536, m1217, 1217, m1212, 1212, m3035 mfp, 3035, m2727, 2727, 4100, 4101, mfp, 4100mfp, 4101mfp, 4345, 4345mfp, m4345, m4345mfp, m275, topshot, 275, m275mfp, m276, 276, m276mfp, m375, 375, m375mfp, m425, m425mfp, m475, 475, m475mfp, 475mfp, m601, 601, 601n, 601dn, m601n, m601dn, m620, 620, 602n, 602dn, m602n, m602dn, m603, 603, 603n, 603dn, m603n, m603dn, 603xh, m603xh, m604, 604, 604n, 604dn, m604n, m604dn, m605, 605, 605n, 605dn, m605n, m605dn, 605x, m605x, m606, 606, 606n, 606dn, 606x, m606n, m606dn, m606x, m506, 506, 506n, 506x, 506dn, m506n, m506x, m506dn, m806, m806dn, 806, 806dn, 806x, m806x

Common Repairs and Maintenance:

Laser Printers, ALL Models
- On ALL laser image quality problems try changing toner(s) first (Might save you from paying for service). If that does not fix the problem, bring it in for a quote for service.
- Maintenance Kits Required.
- Fuser failure - Image Quality Problems
- Paper Movement Problems
- Error Codes generated by the Printer

Solid Ink Printers
- Maintenance Kits Required - This is not very difficult to do by yourself on Solid Ink Phaser Printers.
- Preheating/Heating Element Failure - See this alot with the 860 and 8200 models
- Printouts look like solid ink was ripped off the paper and you hear ripping tearing noise during printing. Phaser 8400 seems to have this the most.
- LED Display goes Blank. Phasers 8500 and 8550 seem to have this the most.
- Firmware Updates - This is not easy to do on many Phaser Printers. We will only do this for you as a depot repair service. On-Site is NOT available for this as can be tricky & we need our computers to properly deal with this.
- Clogged Printheads - Expensive Repair. Use only Genuine Xerox Solid Ink as the 3rd party mfgs DO NOT HAVE the same solid ink formulas. Even a novice can easily check this using a dental pick. Insert the dental pick into a 3rd party inkstick and notice the result. Do the same with a genuine xerox inkstick. The difference is usually easy to see, at least every time we have tried it. Xerox takes great care to formulate their Solid Ink to work correctly with their oil formulation in the Maintenance Kit, the heat of the Heating Unit and the size of the inkjets in the printheads. 3rd party ink not only has ink formulation issues, but also has purity issues and variable viscosity issues. Impurities can and will clog printheads and ink viscosity must be tightly controlled. Too thin or too thick ink formulations result in the printhead not printing reliably.
If your printer is new, our best advise is to stick to Genuine Xerox Solid Ink.
- NOTE - If you are already using 3rd party ink, do not bother to change to Genuine Xerox Ink as the printheads have already been affected, and just continue to use the cheaper 3rd party ink until you get clogged printheads. If you have the printheads replaced or buy a new Xerox printer, then change to Genuine Xerox Solid Ink. Clogged printheads do even occur using genuine xerox ink, just not nearly as often & not on a regular basis.
- NOTE - Some printhead printer defects you can attempt to fix by yourself. When you turn your printer off, solid ink cools down, and air bubbles can form which cause printing defects. Leave your printer on for a couple hours and the air bubbles should dissipate on their own.
- You can help prevent air bubble defect problems by just leaving your printer turned on so that the bubbles never form. Also, locate your printer where it will not be subjected to kinetic shocks, such as not on a file cabinet with drawers that are opened and closed often. Also do not slam shut your printer paper trays and doors as this tends to induce air bubble formation. Even changing to higher quality laser paper, which does not have as much loose dust fibers which have the potential to clog a jet can be helpful.
- You can attempt to clear your printer's printheads on your own. Sometimes it works. Go to your printer control panel. Find and Pick IMPROVE PRINT QUALITY and then Choose ELIMINATE LIGHT STRIPS.
- IMPORTANT - DO NOT attempt to move your Solid Ink printer while it is ON. Ink can spill inside and your printer will require service.
- IMPORTANT - When you need to move your printer - TURN IT OFF - Let the printer power down normally and get the ink out of the printheads. Then, let it cool off for 30 minutes to let the hot ink solidify, before moving the printer. Its a good idea to remove the waste tray as well, or at least check that the ink in the tray has solidified before moving the printer.

ZipCodes in the General Area Close Enough for Carry In Depot Service. Includes parts of Middlesex County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, Mercer County, Union County, Hunterdon County and Morris County:

088XX Zip Codes:
08801 08805 08807 08809 08810 08812 08816 08817 08818 08820 08520 08821 08823 08824 08828 08829 08830 08831 08832 08833 08835 08836 08837 08840 08846 08850 08852 08854 08855 08857 08858 08859 08861 08862 08863 08869 08871 08872 08873 08875 08876 08877 08878 08879 08880 08882 08884 08888 08889 08890 08896 08899

089XXX Zip Codes:
08901 08902 08903 08904 08905 08906 08922 08988 08989br>
070XXX Zip Codes:
07001 07016 07023 07059 07060 07061 07062 07063 07064 07065 07066 07066 07067 07076 07978 07980 07090 07091 07092 07095

079XXX Zip Codes:
07920 07921 07922 07924 07931 07933 07938 07939 07946 07974
Various Area Codes have locations within driving distance to our location in Piscataway, NJ. Most of 732 is fine, but some parts of 908, 973 and 609 area codes are close enough. Google Map your location to Piscataway, NJ to see the driving distance.

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